Gallery Vallois New York will present ‘In Search of Lost Time’, a solo exhibition of Irish sculptor Patrick O’Reilly. The exhibition will open on the 4th May and will continue until the 29th September 2018. The exhibition will highlight a selection of his most recent bronze works.

Born in 1957, Patrick O’Reilly has exhibited in Dublin, Berlin, London, Paris, Athens, Brussels, New York and China and enjoys a strong international reputation. He reveals himself as a multidisciplinary artist: street artist, performer, DJ, assemblagist and sculptor for whom monumental scale does not frighten. His work draws from both classical and Mannerist influences as well as from the imagery of contemporary comic and pop art.

The universe he constructs evokes reverie, poetry, history and especially childhood themes through its iconic animal, the teddy bear, which O’Reilly brings back to life with his own sensibility, humour and playfulness.

The exhibition title is taken from ‘À La Recherche du Temps Perdu’ (In Search of Lost Time), written by the French novelist, Marcel Proust.

“From childhood days our first memory is that of a bear. He personifies innocence, companionship and trust. He is a pure spirit and symbolises unworldliness. As adults many of us remember this childhood time with a reverence, as sadly this era must end. Life must take its course and is never stationary. The Bear marches on with a look of resigned acceptance. He keeps going despite life’s turbulence and uncertainty. He is silent and does not complain.”
– Patrick O’Reilly